„When the Earth is Ravaged and the Animals are Dying, A new Tribe of People Shall Come unto the Earth from MANY Colors, Creeds and Classes AND who By their Actions and Deeds Shall make the Earth green again.“ Hopi Prophecy

Or expressed in the words of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (loosely translated):

Enough words have been exchanged;
Now at last let me see some deeds!
While compliment
s overelaborate,
Something useful may happen.

What a potential we have when we work together for a dignified and healthy future for humans, animals and nature. Let us not wait any longer, but start right now! Wouldn’t it be magnificent if each of us could go to bed tonight with the thought of having contributed something? Everyone at his own pace, but all pursuing one goal…

Don’t let them tell you there’s nothing you can do about it. There are many people and organizations who want to make a positive difference and bring about change. The more you join this movement, the better. One spark alone may not ignite a fire, but many sparks may ignite fireworks.

It is time to start!