Waste or resource?
Waste or resource?
Are we losing the stars?
Are we losing the stars?
In Captivity
In Captivity
The plastic in us
The plastic in us

Urgent need for change

In the last 30 years 76% of all flying insects and 50% of all birds have disappeared!
Every minute a container of plastic lands in the sea!
Up to 150 species become extinct every day!
Nearly 50 million tons of electronic waste are produced every year. Only 20% is recycled.
Earth Overshoot Day 2019 was on July 29th!
And how well is the human being? Already every fourth to fifth person suffers from depression, tendency rising!
Change is possible. It starts with us!

Three pillars for a better future


I wonder, are we on the right track? How would I like to live in the future?


Are others like me okay? Who can I talk to? Is there only social media left?


I can't change the world - can I? What does being responsible mean?

The commitment of 4dignity

Comprehend - Connect - Change

Meet & Workshops

We organize meetings for mutual exchange, organize workshops and give presentations for education. We connect like-minded people who want to become active.


We initiate and support campaigns. A campaign should not only enlighten but also have a lasting effect. To this end, we rely on partnerships, because together we achieve more.

Experience and Support

We are present on site and play an active role, supporting projects, getting to know like-minded people and ourselves better. Together and for each other!

Shaping a dignified future together

Actions and events

Upcoming events

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