Dignity! Why? What is dignity anyway?

Every human being, every animal, every living being has an inner dignity. It is the untouchable essence, unique and authentic. We should deal with it respectfully, dignifiedly, because we are all connected with each other. Every action triggers a reaction. Nothing remains without consequences, even if we cannot see it at first, do not want to see it.

This earth is so fascinating and MIRACULOUS, but it can only survive if it is in balance. This requires humility before life.

It is no longer enough to speak out only for environmental protection, to donate something for Christmas or to pray in church. We must now realize that the turning point has come to create something new; a new consciousness in dignity for all that is. Not just to talk, but to keep your word. To cultivate values like justice, tolerance, honesty, reliability absolutely again. On this page I would like to shake you up and inspire you.

Be there … for dignity

Marbo  (Co-founder 4dignity e.V.)