Fit for scrap?

The success story is: over 90% of the German population aged between 18 and 35 owns a smartphone. During the […]

Are we losing the stars?

They fill documentary films and are the highlights of an Africa Safari. Elephants, lions, giraffes and rhinos are the major […]

Wild animals in captivity

Should wild animals be kept in the circus? The E4A Circus Report says: “…declaration that has been signed by over […]

Change is possible

The petition for a referendum on biodiversity “Save the bees” in Bavaria has shown that change is possible! The initial […]

The plastic in us

Word got around: Eight to twelve million tons of plastic end up in the sea every year, one container of […]

Back to life

Shocking figures: In November 2018, Tagesschau news reported on a study by Deutsche Depressionshilfe. According to the study, every fifth […]

For dignity

Dignity! Why? What is dignity anyway? Every human being, every animal, every living being has an inner dignity. It is […]


Why would a camel leave the oasis, in which there is still enough water and go into the desert?´╗┐There are […]