Shocking figures:

In November 2018, Tagesschau news reported on a study by Deutsche Depressionshilfe. According to the study, every fifth German suffers at least once in his life from a persistent depressive disorder. A great burden also for the relatives. Almost half of the partnerships end in divorce or separation as a result of depression.

The Rheinische Post (Freitag) reported that psychological stress at the workplace in 2016 compared to 2008,exploded by 125%. The number of days of incapacity to work after being booked off sick rose by more than 60% to almost 560 million during this period.

The FAZ reported on a study by Barmer Health Insurance revealing that one out of four people between the age of 18 and 25 suffers from mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety or panic attacks. The number of young adults suffering from these diseases has increased by 76% since 2005. The chairman of the board of Barmer, Christoph Straub, was quoted saying: “One can assume that the number of psychologically ill persons will still increase significantly”.

According to a recent DAK study, every fourth schoolchild in Germany suffers from psychological problems. Approximately 238,000 children aged between 10 and 17 years are so severely affected that they consult a doctor.

According to the World Health Orgnization, depression or affective disorders will be the second most widespread disease worldwide by 2020.

Will almost every person be affected in the future? Don’t we all have to start questioning what is actually going on?

Back to life, back to myself!

Where does the path that we have chosen or will choose lead us? Who are we, who am I? What about my fears, who or what produces them? Who or what puts pressure on me, even crushes me? How meaningful is what I do? What are my real wishes? No, not the desires that are sold to me every day in thousands of advertising messages or as values of a consumer society. It’s about my innermost feelings. When and with whom can I simply be myself and take off my mask; be free without having to pretend or prove anything to anyone?

Our commitment

The three pillars of 4dignity are understanding, connecting and changing.
We initiate projects that have positive effects on people, animals and nature. We change! In a time characterized with division and negative news, we are forming new communities and discovering common goals. Instead of resignation we become active, get to know ourselves better and find answers to the above questions.

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