Who is 4dignity?

We have joined forces because we can no longer and no longer want to watch. The speed of destruction on our planet requires urgent action and at the same time many people are paralyzed, frustrated or resigned with the words “I can’t change anything anyway”. We say: Yes, everyone for himself and all together!

Our focus is on nature conservation. However, our actions are not exclusively directed towards this, because we see humans and nature as a unity. We are all a part of nature and 4dignity has made it its goal to re-establish the connection and appreciation; to re-establish the dignity that has often been lost.

The dignity of the human being is inviolable, so it stands in our basic law. If we shorten “the human being” from the text, we come to an all-embracing dignity.
What potential is in us, what positive changes are possible if we behave sincerely towards each other and act together in dignity?

Thus, our work also stands in the context of personality development. It is the foundation to find peace inside and outside and to be able to ensure sustainable living.